– Our company’s operations –

Technical & Industrial areas of operation

Technical areas of operation

  1. Repair, refurbishment and statutory inspection of railway vehicles and tank wagons
  2. Rectification of failures at the customer‘s place using a mobile repair shop
  3. Pressure tests of tank wagons
  4. Replacement of central valves and outlets including steam circuits
  5. Surface treatment – abrasive blasting and spray painting – interiors and exteriors
  6. Cleaning and certification of stationary fuel tanks and nitrogen purging of stationary cisterns and tank wagons
  7. Non-destructive testing of railway vehicles (The above works may also be performed at the customer‘s place)


The following are the areas for which our surface treatments are intended

  1. Railway transport – repairs and statutory inspections of railway vehicles and tank wagons
  2. Chemical industry  – hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, light oil products, urea, petrol, aviation fuel
  3. Food-processing industry  – direct contact with food
  4. Natural gas industry – gas storage tanks
  5. Construction industry – surface treatment of structural members of steel and concrete
  6. Machine-building industry  – surface treatment of plant and machinery
  7. Air transport  – surface treatment of storage tanks

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